Daniele Parasecolo

Octocedron Elevatus Vacuus (white)

800 EUR / Out of stock.

Elevated octahedron with open faces (Octocedron elevatus vacuus), inspired by drawing attributed to Leonardo da Vinci from De divina proportione (About the divine proportions) by Luca Pacioli, plate XX, folio 101 recto, Vinci, Leonardo da (1452-1519) (attr.to)

Wood: walnut, maple, birch, 
Width: 40 cm
Height: 57 cm

Every single item is made in Daniele Parasecolo's bottega 
in Todi by him and his allievi. 
We use wood from Italian suppliers. Personalized inscriptions are available.

Please, bear in mind that photo may slightly 
different from actual item in terms of color due to:
- the lighting during photo shooting;
- the monitor's display;
- the fact that items are unique handmade pieces (wood is never the same).

For further info, please email us: danieleparasecolo@gmail.com